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Issue 2 is about Choice . . .

Every day brings new choices. From the choice we make to become a mother to the myriad of decisions we make as parents, motherhood amplifies our responsibility by altering not only our own lives, but the lives of our children. Whether this power feels like a burden or a blessing, the consequences of said choices always hold a story.

Choice. What does this heavy word stir up for you? Tell us about a time you had a choice to make, or a time you had no choice at all. What about a time your ability to choose was taken from you, or a time you refused to choose? In whatever way the topic speaks to you, we invite you to share your story.




What We’re Looking For: We believe every mother has a compelling story — and we are challenging you to take ownership of your story, to speak your truth. Motherscope examines the corners of motherhood we don’t often talk about. Be specific, be personal, be real.

We welcome up to 3 submissions per person in the form of first-person narratives (essay, poem, story — a combination of the three), illustrations and photography.

While we are fans of fiction work, the purpose of our magazine is to share real, lived accounts of motherhood. Whose story you choose to tell, however, is entirely up to you.

submission Requirements

Format | Each written submission may be no more than 2000 words to be considered, and .doc or .docx files. Images must be high resolution and jpeg or png format. Work submitted MUST be authored by the contributor to be considered.

Title | Be sure to title each submission.

Disclosures | If your submission has previously been published (to include your own blog or website), please disclose who published and when.

Bio | Share some information about what makes you, you. This is where you also can provide your social media contact info that we can use to tag and share with our readers if your submission is accepted.

Head shot | Provide a head shot or photo of you with your submission (for marketing purposes if accepted) in jpeg format, high resolution preferred. If it is a professional photo, provide the name of photographer.

We reserve the right to choose which submissions will be included in Issue 2 for any reason. Should your submission be accepted, Motherscope reserves the right to edit as necessary.

Please Note: Our submission form is through Google Forms, and requires Gmail sign-in to access. If you do not have Gmail account, you can email your submission to Thank you.