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Week 40: Reflecting Postpartum

As much as all of the above has been about him, more so this journey has been about me. About maintaining me, and evolving me, with love, with grace, with missteps and flaws, with the most challenging moments of my life and the most rewarding. Like I said, it’s complicated. I’m navigating this complex time of floaty feelings, dreamy eyes and hearts dancing overhead with sheer terror and worry, anxiety and longing. Love allows for this. Love makes this actually possible.

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Week 39: Entertainment Postpartum

After my son was born, and the initial reality of all that set in, and the minutiae of everyday life took shape, I realized how little I was able to actually DO during my waking hours...In anticipation for my postpartum life, I read lots of “10 Things You Need to Do Before Baby Arrives” or “What I Wish I Knew Before Having My First Child” articles online. None of them told me to get ready for binge watching.

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Week 38: Surprises

When the time came that I gave birth, after all that anticipation, you can imagine my surprise when the feelings I expected to flood me barely made a peep. I did not cry. I did not cuddle and fawn over my newborn. I did not kiss my spouse. When someone so emotional that she tears up to the Growing Pains theme song doesn’t cry or even visibly show moments of sheer happiness during the most beautiful, intense, intimate moment of her life, what does that mean?

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