Nothing As Expected

By Shakiah Lennon

Photographs by Shakiah’s sister, Hannah Siller.

Photographs by Shakiah’s sister, Hannah Siller.

The day prior to having our daughter, I woke up super early in the morning just short of forty weeks. I woke up to the craziest dream -- my water broke because I was having heavy contractions. It was the most vivid dream I had all pregnancy. It was so vivid I swore I was having a contraction. I got up to pee, washed my hands and jumped back into bed. Then, it hit me again, an all-over tightness. My dream wasn’t a dream at all, it was time!

I actually don’t remember most of my labor process. So I have to go based on my husband’s point of view. I started to hyperventilate through my contractions; this was forty minutes after I asked my for my epidural because the anesthesiologist was helping with an emergency. I asked the nurse if she gave me IV drugs when she switched my fluids out because I was feeling “really good.”

Some contractions went by like they never even came, but most of them, I was crying out in pain. My eyes were rolling back and I was falling limp during each contraction. I was hyperventilating so much I became delirious. My husband was told to try to restrain me to the bed because I almost passed out every time I stood up. I also bit him through a contraction. I kept saying I wasn’t going to be able to do this, but my husband encouraged me and knew I would be strong enough.

Photographs by Shakiah’s sister, Hannah Siller.

Photographs by Shakiah’s sister, Hannah Siller.

Once I received my epidural, my doctor came in to check my cervix. Unfortunately though, they were not able to because my water bag was coming out intact. My water broke after it was about five inches out! After it broke, I was told, “Your baby is so ready to come out that your next one you’ll do it in one push!”

I started immediately laughing and everyone in the room started yelling,“Don’t laugh!” which made me laugh more. Apparently, I started to laugh my daughter out and they weren’t ready for her to arrive just yet.

After a little under twenty minutes of pushing, I finally met my daughter for the first time. My whole world turned upside down in that exact moment. My husband and I just stared in awe of how truly amazing and what a miracle our little girl was.



Shakiah Lennon - Hi there! I’m a twenty-five-year-old bookaholic who is married to an amazing Marine! We met almost seven years ago in San Diego and are fortunate to be stationed here as well. After a long deployment and lots of talking, we decided it was time for our family to grow. I actually surprised my husband with a photo shoot when I found out we were expecting! Follow our journey if you would like: @shakiahhh and our daughters page, @brooker.doodle