By Sanjida Yasmin

Pictured: Baby Sanjida with her parents.

Pictured: Baby Sanjida with her parents.

it is 4:40am in Manhattan, New York,
the air-- ripe with pleasant petrichor of post-rain twilight
a day of traps, tricks & treats,
orange & black but,
you’re salmon
light lanugo & vernix caseosa protect you from worldly harms,
steep arched eyebrows point to Sirius
roly-poly, erythema infectiosum cheeks jiggle as you grin --
exposing flamingo gingival & sunlight
plump, pearlique portal opens up to sing soothing sobs
when hungry or uncomfortable
your dark chocolate eyes behold mirth
my darling sister,
you complete our tetrad syzygy

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Sanjida Yasmin - Sanjida Yasmin is a poet, writer and an artist who lives in Bronx, New York. She splits her time between the Long Island Business Institute, where she teaches English, and St. Dominic’s Home, where she provides therapy and finds inspiration for her work. Her poems have appeared in print and online journals, among them are Pink Panther Magazine, Peacock Journal, The Promethean, Nebo, Panoplyzine, Poetry in Performance and Anomaly. She earned her MFA degree from the City University of New York.