To be part of something complete and great

By Katherine Seluja


As that stunning release
when your newborn pushes head first into her life,
yells at the sharp snap of lung sails unfurling.
The cord still pulses and she is unfolding
already too large to return to that cushioned grotto.

You are both covered in salt -
she the amniotic brine, you the tears of your labor.

She is offered to you a coffer of living myrrh
and as she mews and searches the truffle of your breast
you pull her close and whisper to this future you will suckle,
You are most welcome.

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Katherine DiBella Seluja - Katherine DiBella Seluja is a poet and a nurse practitioner. Her first collection, Gather the Night (UNM Press, 2018), focuses on the impact of mental illness. A collaborative poetry collection, We Are Meant to Carry Water, written with Tina Carlson and Stella Reed, is forthcoming from 3: A Taos Press in 2019. Katherine lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.